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Fishing Report

August 12, 2014

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Big salmon and steelhead are being caught at Algoma.

Water temps are still cool, so watch for temp breaks. Surface temps are 70's, 40's and 50's at the downriggers.

Salmon are hitting chrome, disco, and green flashers with aqua/mistake//frog flies in 100 to 250 feet of water.

Run these on dipsy divers out 100' to 200', behind 10 oz balls and Big Birds, or 60-110' downriggers.

J-Plugs are also starting to take some fish, so put one on a downrigger or lead-core.

Steelhead are being caught near the surface in 250-550 feet of water on spoons. Try silver/blue or silver/green or copper/orange spoons 100' behind yellowbirds at 2.8-3.8 knots. Weight on your line or a few colors of leadcore is working well.

Some weeds have been drifting out of Sturgeon Bay, so check your lures occasionally for weeds.

Many of the charters and experienced private boats are coming in with many big fish in the coolers.


Take the kids fishing!

Watch the water temp map on our weather page, and check back often for updates.

Lets all make an extra effort to take the kids fishing and pass on our wonderful sport to the next generation.


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